The Discipline of Agility

Thrive in a volatile environment

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Anticipate and react to changes better and faster

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Value-focused collaborative enterprise

Redesign your organization to foster the emergence of value-centric and collaborative behaviors. Shift from functional silos to autonomous multidisciplinary squads, from formal committees to communities, from functions to roles, and from traditional management to servant-leadership.

Agile management hacks

Switch from boss to coach by exploring simple and powerful changes in management behaviors such as time-boxed decision-making, emerging autonomy, storytelling and visual management.

Bimodal portfolio, project and product management

Mix and match appropriate delivery modes based on the need for agility of products, portfolios and projects, from predictable (mode 1) to experimental (mode 2).

Agile Leadership in Action

Self-assessments and

short on-premise Workshops

to challenge leaders on hot topics

Bruno Collet

Strategy consultant in agile transformation.

Adviser of executives and managers.

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Maggie Sun

Analyst in organizational transformation.

Expert in VUCA and agile capability assessment.

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Our collaborative network

We are a micro-company leveraging a rich network of top-level freelancers and niche companies to assemble the best team for your project.



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